Professional Women For Education, Preservation, Recreation

Membership is open to women, 21 years of age or older, who possess neither limitations nor prohibitions for the legal possession of firearms within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania or other state or Federal jurisdiction, upon payment of yearly dues. 

There shall be three (2) types of membership within the CLUB.  They are as follows:

  • REGULAR MEMBER: Any women who meets the above membership criteria. AN ACTIVE MEMBER shall be entitled to hold office within the CLUB, vote and enjoy all privileges and benefits offered by the CLUB. An ACTIVE Member is defined as a member whose membership dues in the CLUB is paid in full and up-to-date and attends a minimum of 75% of the CLUB’S monthly meetings.
  • GUEST MEMBERS: May be permitted, with sponsorship by a Regular Member for specific functions and/or events.

Membership Information